Reba Howard

Rebecca J Howard, PhD



Structural basis for a bimodal allosteric mechanism of general anesthetic modulation in pentameric ligand-gated ion channels

Cell Reports 23: 993 - 1004, 2018

Fourati Z*, Howard RJ*, Heusser SA, Hu H, Ruza RR, Sauguet L, Lindahl E, Delarue M

*equal contributions

Functional characterization of neurotransmitter activation and modulation in a nematode model ligand-gated ion channel

Journal of Neurochemistry 138: 243 - 253, 2016

Heusser SA, Yoluk Ö, Klement G, Riederer EA, Lindahl E, Howard RJ

Seeking structural specificity: direct modulation of pentameric ligand-gated ion channels by alcohols and anesthetics

Pharmacological Reviews 66: 396 – 412, 2014

Howard RJ, Trudell JR, Harris RA

Functional validation of virtual screening for novel agents with general anesthetic action at ligand-gated ion channels

Molecular Pharmacology 84: 670 - 678, 2013

Heusser SA, Howard RJ, Borghese CM, Cullins MA, Brömstrup T, Lee US, Lindahl E, Carlsson J, Harris RA

Inhibition versus potentiation of ligand-gated ion channels can be altered by a single mutation that moves ligands between intra- and intersubunit sites

Structure 21: 1307 - 1316, 2013

Brömstrup T, Howard RJ, Trudell JR, Harris RA, Lindahl E

Structural basis for potentiation by alcohols and anaesthetics in a ligand-gated ion channel

Nature Communications 4: 1697, 2013

Sauguet L*, Howard RJ*, Malherbe L, Lee US, Corringer P-J, Harris RA, Delarue M

*equal contributions

Multisite binding of a general anesthetic to the prokaryotic pentameric Erwinia crysanthemi ligand-gated ion channel (ELIC)

Journal of Biological Chemistry 288: 8355 – 8364, 2013

Spurny R, Billen B, Howard RJ, Brams M, Debaveye S, Price K, Weston D, Strelkov S, Tytgat J, Bertrand S, Bertrand D, Lummis S, Ulens C

Molecular mechanism for the dual alcohol modulation of Cys-loop receptors

PLoS Computational Biology 8: e1002710, 2012

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Structural insight into KCNQ (Kv7) channel assembly and channelopathy

Neuron 53: 663 – 675, 2007

Howard RJ, Clark KA, Holton JM, Minor DL

The structure of the APPBP1-UBA3-NEDD8-ATP complex reveals the basis for selective ubiquitin-like protein activation by an E1

Molecular Cell 12: 1427 – 1437, 2003

Walden H, Podgorski MS, Huang DT, Miller DW, Howard RJ, Minor DL, Holton JM, Schulman BA

Ring-closing metathesis of olefinic peptides: design, synthesis, and structural characterization of macrocyclic helical peptides

Journal of Organic Chemistry 66: 5291 – 5302, 2001

Blackwell HE, Sadowsky JD, Howard RJ, Sampson JN, Chao JA, Steinmetz WE, O’Leary DJ, Grubbs RH

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Structural details of an allosteric mechanism for bimodal anesthetic modulation of pentameric ligand-gated ion channels

San Francisco, CA 2018

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Alcohol at the interface: Functional and computational insights from prokaryotic Cys-loop receptors

New Orleans, LA 2016

Research Society on Alcoholism

Alcohol binding to ligand-gated ion channels revealed in a prokaryotic model system

Portland, ME 2013

University of New England

Alcohol modulation of ligand-gated ion channels: Insights and opportunities from new structures

Stockholm, Sweden 2013

Science for Life Laboratory

Simple structural models for alcohol modulation of ligand-gated ion channels

Albany, NY 2012

Albany Medical College

A combined functional-computational approach to characterizing structural sites of anesthetic modulation

San Diego, CA 2012

American Chemical Society

Structural basis for alcohol modulation of pentameric ligand-gated ion channels

San Francisco, CA 2012

Biophysical Society

Structural basis for alcohol modulation of a pentameric ligand-gated ion channel

Stockholm, Sweden 2011

Stockholm University